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Server Rules

Post by Marshal on Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:48 am


1. This server and its admins strive to provide and promote a fun and active gaming environment for all. Players are asked to conduct their gaming accordingly and to promote the growth of the server’s player community.

Acting in a manner disruptive to the server is prohibited.

2. Cheating, hacking, glitching, exploiting, aimbotting, is strictly prohibited on this server. Players with one or more VAC bans are prohibited.
Any players with alt accounts that have VAC bans will be banned from the server.

3. We promote a fun and active environment. Racism is strictly forbidden, and accordingly the following are forbidden on the server:

• Names which are racist in nature or promote racist ideology.
• Dialogue which promotes racism, radical ideology, or overall hate.
• Signs, symbols, or any other iconology which promote racism, radical ideology, or overall hate.
Players found to be in violation of the above will be asked to change their names or remove the offensive material. Players refusing to do so will be removed from the server.
Admins will have the ultimate and final say over what constitutes a violation of this.

4. This server is owned and administrated by patriots and veterans. While we respect your right to free public speech, this is a privately owned server. Players promoting messages or ideas that promote dissent and unrest against the United States of America and its people will be in violation of this rule. This includes displaying flags or other iconology of enemies of the USA, and its allies (ie- posting signs of ISIS flags, other radical extremist and terrorist organizations, past or present).

5. Players having problems with other players, including accusations of cheating, griefing, hacking, aimbotting, or other unfair play, or violations of any of the server rules shall bring them to the attention of an admin privately, via Steam PM. Players will not make open accusations against other players in the general chat.

Not only does this disrupt normal server operation, spam the general chat, and disrupt the gameplay of other players, but it also promotes distrust and dissent on the server population. This also puts the accused hacker/cheating player ‘on notice’ that someone is aware of their activities, and makes it exponentially more difficult for admins to catch them violating the rules.

This rule shall also apply to grievances against admins. Grievances against admins shall be brought to the attention of the server owner, Culprit, via Steam PM. Grievances against admins SHALL NOT be voiced in the open general chat.

6. Griefing is strictly forbidden on this server. Griefing is defined as any action which makes a base un-usable. This includes placing walls, barricades, or other obstacles in front of exits to prevent entry or exit.
Destroying a base or taking a base over for yourself is acceptable and a part of the game, however 'claiming to take a base over' and not actually using it is considered griefing.

7. Admins are here to promote the server’s goal of providing a fun and active gaming environment for its community of players. Often, admins are called upon to act as referees and enforce the server rules. As such, players are subject to the following:

• Players will not openly flame an admin in the general chat. This activity is disruptive to the server operation and to the gameplay of others.
• Players will not resist, disobey, or disrespect admins. This activity is disruptive to server operation and promotes dissent among the player base.
• The decisions of admins shall be final, and shall not be challenged in open chat. Players that disagree with admins are welcome to discuss it with the admin via Steam PM.
• Players not satisfied with those results may submit an admin appeal, as outlined at the end of these rules.

8. Admins are well experienced players, some with professional gaming experience, who volunteer their time to administrate the rules of the server and provide a fun and active gaming experience for the player community. Admins are subject to the following rules:

• Admins shall be allowed to play the game as normal players. Base building, raiding, killing, and any other activity available to regular players in the game shall be available to admins.
• Admins are identified on the home page of server website and by their green name in game.
• Admins may not spawn in items for themselves or other players for their own personal use.
• Admins may, however, spawn in items for server events or community assets (such as building the arena, conducting arena events, etc)
• Admins are not allowed to spawn in items to ‘refund’ anyone items stolen as a result of an attack or raid, regardless of whether the offending player was found to be cheating or using hacks.
• Admins are not allowed to teleport players to other players, or to teleport players out of ‘being stuck’. This is part of normal game play and players will have to address that accordingly.

9. It shall be the preferred method that admins first issue a warning to correct behavior violating the server rules. If the offending player fails to comply, then that player shall be removed from the server. However, admins will have the right to examine offenses of these rules on an individual case basis. If an offense is found to be so egregious and disruptive to the operation of the server or its player community, admins shall have the right to instantly remove players from the server.

10. Admin appeals. Anyone that has been banned or removed from the server, or who disagrees with the decision of an admin, shall have the ability to appeal that action or decision by contacting the server owner, Culprit, via Steam PM.

This shall be the ONLY method and/or avenue of appeal. Players SHALL NOT disrupt the server by openly appealing, challenging, or disrespecting admins in general chat.


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